What is an IPO Vital Sign?

An IPO Vital Sign is a unique view into our comprehensive database of IPO facts built through years of research. More than 200 individual details about an IPO filing are gathered, analyzed and stored in our database. Each IPO Vital Sign is designed to mine this extensive database and provide IPO professionals and IPO issuers with essential information and exclusive perspectives on topics critical to the processing of going public.

Here are some of the key features of an IPO Vital Sign:

  • Results are displayed in a table that is easy to read and navigate.
  • Related Vital Signs provides a way to navigate to related information.
  • Definitions of important terms provides clarity and meaning.
  • Drilldown on key statistics for greater detail.
  • A comprehensive profile provides extensive information about an IPO issuer.
  • Date ranges can be narrowed and expanded as needed.
  • Results can be ranked instantly by up to three factors for greater control.
  • Links to disclosures are provided in some IPO Vital Signs with the ability to compare disclosures.

Anatomy of an IPO Vital Sign
Anatomy of an IPO Vital Sign